As a company with excessive experience

and spent over USD 2 million on our edge,
our technical experts constantly conduct ongoing research and analysis on and off our client’s campaign,
rather than sit and wait to be told what’s new, we are ahead of the market.


Our “Pay for Result only”
Pricing model guarantee Our Success = Client success


Guarantee Result
– pay only when you see the result

Tailor-made Keywords
– In-depth review on your competitors with keywords analysis report
– choose ANY key-phrase that benefit you

Cost Efficient
– most keywords take at least 3-6 months before getting to the 1st Page,
you don’t have to pay before result is seen

Additional Benefit
– You saved HK$1,000 /month for each successful referral


Since we will be working heavily on your campaign without beginning paid for a significant period, we are only serving companies which has operated over 1.5 years or able to show financial strength.