The Market:

The SEO service available at the market is both expensive and unequal, with most plans setup leans towards the servicing side.
In general, you get to pick keyword phrases among what the SEO service providers propose to you, and you start paying monthly service fees once contract is signed. While it takes 3-12 months for a Keyword Phrase to reach 1st Page in Search Engines, you are paying a huge amount of money way before you are benefited with the additional traffic (exposure).
The SEO company, on the other, would only commit to no more than 60% successful rate after the campaign has run for a year, which means, even if they are not as good as what you think and fail to achieve the committed rate, they would only stop charging you after a year, but you have already pay them monthly service fee x 12months.


Our Vision:

To create an equal market where only the BEST Result-Driven SEO Company can stay.